Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's the point of pinning recipes...

...if you're never going to make any of them?

For years, I've been bookmarking recipes...and then promptly forgetting about them. So, when someone recently introduced me to Pinterest and how it works, I started going through my bookmarks and pinning all of the recipes I've been intending to make.

Within just two weeks of joining the site, I have well over 100 recipes pinned. I love how now all of the recipes are on one page for easy viewing...choosing what to make for dinner just got that much easier. It made me think...I  really need to start cooking these. And blogging about it.

Click on the Pinterest logo to see my pins...and feel free to weigh in on any you'd like to see me try. There are recipes on my Food board, as well as my Football Season board. With college kick-off around the corner, I can't wait to start making tailgating snacks.

Stay tuned...we're getting started soon!

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